Dog toys

Play isn’t just a fun part of living with your dog. It’s actually an essential feature of how we all stay emotionally and physically healthy. So it’s important for both your physical and social wellbeing to play with your dog on a daily basis.

Of course, the games you play depend on whether you have a cat or a dog, and if you have a dog, what type of dog you have. Retrievers like to retrieve, Collies like chasing, and Hounds like to use their nose to follow scents and find their toys. And of course, many dogs enjoy tug and chew toys and playing ‘hide and seek’ with you outdoors.

Feeding dogs should also be more of a game than simply filling a food bowl. Use some of your pet’s daily rations as rewards in regular training sessions, either to teach obedience in dogs or even to teach you cat some tricks, such as rolling over and playing dead.

Place a proportion of your dog’s food in special foraging toys, available in all good pet stores, and hide them in different locations around your home every day. Your pet will have to seek out the toy, and then manipulate it to obtain their food. It’s a much more challenging, stimulating and rewarding prospect than simply visiting the food bowl.

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